Running out of jewelry storage ideas? Put it on the wall! I made this jewelry frame/display last fall.. and it was super easy to put together. Here’s what I did..
-I went to Good Will and picked up this super cheap frame and took out the glass.
-I found some spray paint on sale at Hobby Lobby and painted it this pale blue color. I really like colors like that.. I’ve been into pale blue, pale green, and that green tea sort of color lately.
-I found some random sticks and attached them to the frame with nails. I liked the rustic look of the sticks, but you can use anything you want, really. Get creative with it!
See. Super easy! The paint was dry in no time and I hung my jewelry on my new jewelry hanger/organizer. Anyone can do something like this and put their own spin on it. I’ve even seen people use old door knobs as a way to hang necklaces on the wall.. pretty neat idea. I’ll have to try that myself :]

Here’s a link to some cool jewelry storage ideas!


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