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Easy DIY Paper Snowflakes!

Here’s a DIY video on paper snowflakes. They’re easy to make and not to mention, super cheap. I make them every year and hang them on my ceiling. Enjoy!

Blog Experience

The reason I started this blog was for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media class at Texas State University. At first, I was a little hesitant. However, by the time I did a few posts, I began to really enjoy the concept of blogging. This has truly been a neat experience and I will most definitely continue to blog in the future. As far as any changes I will make, I will most likely make my blog about DIY projects, along with a few other topics after the semester is over. Ideally, I want to broaden my topic a bit to grab the attention of many different kinds of people. I really want to get my name out there, so I will be using tags and other devices to try to make that happen (along with blogging about interesting things). Getting more of a following is something that I think it important and It’s something I want to try to do. The whole idea is to show people what you can do and that’s exactly what I want to do. This blog has definitely helped me in terms of breaking my shell and I believe if I continued to do it, it could be very beneficial to me.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

  1. Making Christmas decorations staring with a doily wreath #christmas #DIY http://instagr.am/p/SoaQ9mNNq8/
  2. last week of classes! super busy btwn mtngs, studying, & extracurricular creating lolz. #Christmas #diy #decorations http://pic.twitter.com/t3BrjDKI
  3. How neat! Ladies.. ^
  4. jeffharding
    get crafty with used corks for xmas tree decorations! ow.ly/fQC0T
  5. iVillage
    Our 20 Easy DIY Holiday Décor Projects to Deck Your Halls… you’ve got to check these out. ow.ly/fMEnj SO cute!
  6. arielleelise
    RT @YahooHomes: These #DIY projects will help you make your old #Christmas decorations new again: yhoo.it/RhjEpX

Elementary School-Inspired Christmas Decorations

Remember those home made ornaments you made in school with goofy pictures and popsicle sticks? I make them almost every year with pictures of my friends and family and I put them up on my tree for everyone to enjoy. They’re not very expensive to make and Hobby Lobby or Michael’s will have everything you need to create the popsicle stick frame. Plus, it’s easy and a lot of fun. Here’s a slideshow of how I made them. Enjoy!

Running out of jewelry storage ideas? Put it on the wall! I made this jewelry frame/display last fall.. and it was super easy to put together. Here’s what I did..
-I went to Good Will and picked up this super cheap frame and took out the glass.
-I found some spray paint on sale at Hobby Lobby and painted it this pale blue color. I really like colors like that.. I’ve been into pale blue, pale green, and that green tea sort of color lately.
-I found some random sticks and attached them to the frame with nails. I liked the rustic look of the sticks, but you can use anything you want, really. Get creative with it!
See. Super easy! The paint was dry in no time and I hung my jewelry on my new jewelry hanger/organizer. Anyone can do something like this and put their own spin on it. I’ve even seen people use old door knobs as a way to hang necklaces on the wall.. pretty neat idea. I’ll have to try that myself :]

Here’s a link to some cool jewelry storage ideas!

Cellphone App

Here’s an idea. Brace Yourself: The “DIY-U!” app where college students (or anyone around that particular age) can connect together and exchange ideas for inexpensive DIY projects. On the app, people can post in the forums–include neat ideas, ask questions, post photos and other inspiration, etc. The app would only be used for decorating ideas and projects, that way it will be the primary focus. An “archive” and “search” button will be on the navigation page as well as a photo gallery, forums page, and a ‘today’s picks’ page, which will feature the latest picture/trend of the day. This app would be compatible with iphone, ipad, and any sort of android operating system. Above is a photo of the home screen and navigation page of the app, “DIY-U!”

Here is a photo of what the “DIY-U!” app icon would look like:

..of course, it would be much smaller though. Cellphoneappsize.

Here’s a photo of a niche in my living room in my apartment. After removing the tacky wire bookshelf that was there before, I transformed it into a small area for additional seating. I bought this fabric that I found on sale at Hobby Lobby and decided to cover the wall with it. I put my my ottoman in there, along with some decorative pillows ..and viola! I thought it looked very Moroccan-ish and that it would be neat to have this whenever there’s limited seating in my apartment. I periodically like to kick back in my little nook with a good book to read :]

also, here’s a neat link I found that has these pretty moroccan themed bedrooms.
Check it out!

Halloween is right around the corner and I found a few DIY crafts that won’t spook you..or your wallet. Har har.

I found this neat idea on Redbook.com. It basically involves glitter, elmer’s glue, and wax paper.
Here are the instructions on the website.

..and here’s another cute idea for an inexpensive DIY halloween craft. With just a pen/marker, some milk jugs, and some rope lights (or you can pull out your christmas lights!), you’ll be able to make this super cute decoration. I’d like to make this and put it outside on my balcony!
Here’s the website for more details.