So, I went home…

So, I went home (to my mother’s) for a day or so this past weekend and I took a few pictures of this decoration that I made for my mom a few months ago! I basically printed all of my favorite photos of my mother and I in B & W, made frames out of lace, and attached them to an empty frame with string. I use frames for a lot of things and I thought this would be a neat way to display your favorite pictures without having to buy several frames (unless you really wanted to, of course). I usually  get my empty frames at goodwill or at garage sales.. 





Also, here’s a website with these really cool ideas for using picture frames! You can get some inspiration for organizing the frames on the wall or doing something totally different.
Here you go!


Finally a post …

Finally a post related to my blog idea..

So, I understand that mason jars are a big thing right now and everyone is using them for everything! I have some in my room that I use to store jewelry–mainly rings, charms, and other small items that might get lost. I like the jars because they’re easy, chic, and you can see what you’re trying to find! Jars are usually pretty inexpensive and you can most likely pick them up at the dollar store OR you can pick these up at a garage sale. I find a lot of my decorative items at garage sales; sometimes, you can find some of the coolest stuff!




I found a website that had all these different ideas for using mason jars for decoration; I love the solar lights idea!
Click here!

“Laughter is t…

“Laughter is the best medicine in the world.” – The Famous Bushman of San Francisco.

I think it’s important for people to recognize the humor in everyday situations. I’m known for my annual Star Wars-themed Christmas parties, my impersonations of people (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger), my big, fat, Greek/Italian family who will one day most likely end up on a reality television series, and my memorization of scripts from a Chris Farley movie. 

Watch this for a lol..

Or this.

Okay, this too.