“The reality is that while cats are free-spirited creatures, they have been domesticated for long enough (over 2400 years) to rely on humans for their daily needs.”

Syufy, Franny. “Should Your College Roommate Be a Cat? Cats


“Having a dog can be a great addition to college life and perhaps provide stress relief and companionship..”

“Should You Get a Dog In College?” Fox Business


“Whether a pet lover or not, we’ve all seen how having a dog is not just adding a pet to a family, it’s adding a new member to a family. No family member is as around-the-clock loving and nice to us as our pooches are, and adopting a dog is like gaining a new best friend. You will always have someone there for you, whether you’re happy, upset, angry, or sleepy. If loneliness is a problem for you, that emotion will head straight out the back door as soon as your new dog walks in the front.”

Green, Rebecca. “Pros and Cons of Having a Dog in College,” ULoop


“Owning a pet (as I would come to learn all the more clearly) is a serious responsibility and a wonderful experience to take on when you and your situation are ready.”

“Guest Post: Adopting a Dog in College,” Trupanion



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